Monday, December 31, 2007

We knew I was Twisted and Different

Now science has confirmed it.

My IRL peeps know that I have had pain in my elbows and arms for about 3 months, and numbness and tingling in my pinky/ring fingers for over a year. As soon as they get chilled - boom, sleepy fingers. Knitting friends urged me to see a doctor about it, and when I went to the doctor for my (fractured) thumb I mentioned my arms.

Off to the neurologist I was sent.

First visit was a consult, in which he tells me that it is my ulnar nerve, that we will find damage, and when he sees how much he will recommend treatment.

Googling ulnar nerve treatments was Not reasurring. Downright scary, actually, especially the surgery.

Second visit - Good news is I do not have ulnar nerve damage. (Bad news is that the doctor is a sadist, and seems to enjoy needles and shocks. ;^) I still have bruises. He is also one of those assh#$es who does not seem to approve of homeschooling and quizzed me in conjunction with poking me. Yeah, I'm paying you to disapprove of me, thanks.)
No, I have good ole carpal tunnel, which makes more sense as I could not figure out how I ddamaged my ulnar nerve.
Why are my pinky and ring fingers affected, you ask? That is not where the carpal nerve goes.
On me, apparently it does.
He seemed a bit non-plussed, and checked my right hand again. I am a rare individual whose nerves run to different places, and am quite affected by temps.


On a scale of 1 to 10 I am only a 2. He does not know why my elbows hurt so much, I must have done something to set it off. (Gee, Pat told me that 3 months ago.) They have been settling down anyway.
I am to wear braces at night, and more during the day if I need to. (Gee, Pat told me that, too. ) Keep my hands warm.

Summer is when?

The thumb is healing up so I have been able to knit some. It still locks up when used too much, but not as much as before. Using the braces at night is helping things calm down. I use the right one while on the computer, as my hand is asleep within one minute without it. Keeping my hands warm helps, too (already knew that), so I will be knitting some fingerless mitts/gloves to wear all the time.

I can deal with carpal tunnel.
And next time I am just paying Pat for my medical advice. And Cindy for counseling. They don't question how I raise and educate my child...although their opinions would mean far more to me than Dr. Sadistic's.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Diets, Sewing, and the Ulnar

I'm glad I posted about the cholesteral check because I was trying to remember when the heck that was.
I've been doing quite well on my diet. I have lost weight, but don't ask how much because I don't own a scale. I am going by how my clothes fit, and they are getting loose. I am wearing some slacks that were too tight to get on in the spring and they are baggy. Had to buy smaller bras, and when I bought some long-sleeved Ts they were larges, not XL or 1X.
I'm a happy camper on that score.

A big downer is the fact that I have done something to my arms and they both hurt like heck, even when I am not doing anything. The left one is worse, probably from using it to do the newspapers. People (yes, those vaguely defined persons who always pop up with advice) have given me dire warnings about ulnar nerve damage, and in Googling I have found that it certainly does seem to fit. The aforementioned people want me to go to the doctor. I am afraid the doctor will tell me I cannot knit, which I have just about figured out for myself as it I am at a loss. Knitting is such a big part of who I am - my friends are knitters, my social outings all involve knitting, I am Program Chair for our Guild, for crying out loud. I tried to Not knit for 2 evenings and could not sit still. Yes, we all know where the Oldest got his ADD from, and sitting and staring at the TV is not something I can do.

So I am going to sew. And quilt.
No, I cannot sew a straight line. Yes, quilting does seem to involve precise seams.
Stop laughing.
I can learn. I learned to knit lace and socks, I can learn to sew.

So as I do with anything I want to learn, I have checked out numerous books from the library and scoured the internet for all pertinent info.
I have purchased some inexpensive fabric form Wally World and plan to make some quilted potholders to start. These might make some handy gifts, since I clearly will not be whipping up some knits. And I am going to make me some simple skirts.
It'll be fun. Really. I can cut the fabric in the kitchen, and go back to the bedroom to iron it, then to the craft room to sew it, then back to cut....Of course, I can't drag the sewing machine to the couch while everyone watches the telly, so when they wish to have my presence I will just.........sit there. And do nothing.

I started some Salt and Pepper mittens from Favorite Mittens last night. I have small hands, so not many stitches, and since I am new to colorwork it is slow going. I'll only knit a few rounds at a time.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Lo fat, Lo chol - or, I am officially Old

Hubby had a scare last month -a physical showed some problems that eventually led to a heart cath that showed a small blockage in one artery. He is on a low fat, low cholesterol, low sodium diet and some meds, but all is well.
My check up has shown that my cholesterol is just as bad as his, so I am also on a low cal, low chol diet as of this week. I don't have to watch the salt as my bp has always been low, but then I never used much salt to begin with.
I also have to have a stress test and an echo next week. It better not end in a cath - that is taking the hubby/wife togetherness a bit far, IMO.
All this because I was asking about taking estrogen and wanting to exercise to lose weight.
Cholesterol, fats, salts, heart checks - 47 is NOT old, dammit. I still feel 25 inside, despite what shows it's face in my mirror.

In cheerier news, we move to the Fiber Front:

I designed and made a Cub Cloche last night, crocheted, with the Cub logo on top of my head and the blue continuing down for the rest.

The Lace Leaf Shawl is finished and blocked. I'm very pleased with it, and glad I made the smallest size as it would have been huge otherwise.

Started Clapotis and am through the increase section, adding one repeat. I am loving the Jojoland yarn, beautiful colors.

TISA (Truly International Sock) is back in the States - and what a quick trip! Postmarked the 29th of Sept and here by the 3rd of Oct (I didn't check the mail yesterday). Very impressive, and she didn't look at all queasy when I let her out of the box.
Holly sent some seriously lovely goodies along with TISA - some gorgeous sock yarn, an adorable Christmas ornament of a little old lady with her knitting, and a heart-shaped key chain with a raised relief of Heidelberg in the center - extra perfect because I love hearts and silver. Thank you so much for your generosity, Holly!
I am deciding which of 2 yarns to use for the gusset...leaning toward the funkier one, but all the posts seem to favor the bluer ones, hmmmmm....
TISA may get to go pumpkin shopping tomorrow, and will take in some sights early next week.

Pics to follow. It's even written on my to-do list. My Ravelry notebook is so sad looking that I am determined to get some photos up by early next week.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Swinger

Yesterday was a busy one.
Plumfan, Pat and I went to the college in the morning to help with the Knitting class. 2 other members of our Guild teach it and the Guild receives the money. This time it is a class on Socks, Mittens and Hats. I usually enjoy helping (the goal is for one-on-one help for the students) but this time their is a woman who seems to have come just because of her friends. I don't think she is having a good time, and I hope we can change that.

After class we went over to a Mystery Potluck at Cindy's...and why are so many of my activities classified as mysteries lately? Hmmm...
Everyone was told to bring a dish and not tell anyone else what you were making. If everyone brought chocolate, or 7 kinds of potatoes, that is what we would eat. Amazingly not a single dish was repeated and we had all the food groups represented (including chocolate, thank goodness!) We all sat around knitting and chatting after we finished the food and had a wonderful time. Cindy is going to host another Mystery Meal, this one a Baked Potato Bar.

Last night Billy and I went to the local comedy club The Funny Bone to see The Midnight Swinger with 2 other firemen and their wives. One couple had never seen the Swinger before and it was almost as much fun watching them.

Knitting news - I am on the 10th repeat out of 13 on the Lace Leaf Shawl, will finish it up this week. I swatched for the Clapotis, but have put it away until the KAL starts on the 23rd. I'm in the mood to knit some socks (some Koigu I got in a swap is calling my name, yummy fall colors), and am thinking about starting a Knit the Seasons KAL. T.H.I.N.K.I.N.G about it...grin!

On a whiney note - the heat and especially the humidity can go away any time now. I'm menopausal and freaking hot, I want it to snow 6 feet so I can go sink into it and cool off.
Got any ice?

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

And it's over

Summer, that is.

Not that it isn't still blazing hot outside, but school started again at our house and that means the lazy days are gone for a time.
High school this year, and our best first day ever. A. is thinking seriously about finishing in 3 years and got right to work. It was almost like a day from one of those books featuring totally unbelievable homeschool families where all the kids are Stepford children. Rather nice for a change. ;^)

Hubby is going to FL tomorrow with some of the other firemen to spec out a new engine. This means I am in charge of the TV for 2 days (once I wrest the remote away from A.), and Cubbie games will be seen - or at least listened to while I knit.

And speaking of knitting, Hanami was cast on and the first repeat of the basketweave pattern done last night. Worked on the Leaf Lace today as it was easier to find my place on the chart again after helping with Algebra. I think it will be finished well before Secret of the Stole begins on Oct. 5.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Echo Continues for Hours

There may even be a skeleton or two in the corner, but as long as the spiders stay away we are good to go.

The newer blog has been deleted as I was in a dark and scary place when writing it and no one should have to read that drivel. Back to the old blog it is, and happily I realized that I could rename it and use something obscure that would require explanations (which I might actually give one day.)
I have joined so many KALs that link to here that I thought I should post. Been working on linkage and trying to upload photos to Flickr without any cooperation from my computer whatsoever. I may have to smack it around some.

Diving right in -

I finished MS3 and am very pleased. I did do the wing (with much trepidation). I'm glad I did as it taught me something about short rows and knitted on borders, but I prefer a stole that is symmetrical in shape if not in design. It looks smashing on my Mom and I am hoping to get her to pose for some photos.

I'm working on the Leaf Lace Shawl from Fiber Trends which has been an easy knit after I figured out the cast on. I'm using KP shadows in Lost Lake.

Casting on either this evening or tomorrow for Hanami, which I have dyed KP Bare laceweight for.
This is a pretty good pic, colorwise, and I am quite happy with how it turned out.

I got my invite to Ravelry! I was amused at how excited I was when I saw the e-mail. I've played a bit, started a projects and a queue page, even downloaded Firefox with the help of some Knittys. My pages are quite boring so far and I am working on getting some pictures - even took a self portrait for my profile which I have not yet gotten brave enough to put up.
If you want to look for me - darbyrose, just like everywhere else.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

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