Monday, December 31, 2007

We knew I was Twisted and Different

Now science has confirmed it.

My IRL peeps know that I have had pain in my elbows and arms for about 3 months, and numbness and tingling in my pinky/ring fingers for over a year. As soon as they get chilled - boom, sleepy fingers. Knitting friends urged me to see a doctor about it, and when I went to the doctor for my (fractured) thumb I mentioned my arms.

Off to the neurologist I was sent.

First visit was a consult, in which he tells me that it is my ulnar nerve, that we will find damage, and when he sees how much he will recommend treatment.

Googling ulnar nerve treatments was Not reasurring. Downright scary, actually, especially the surgery.

Second visit - Good news is I do not have ulnar nerve damage. (Bad news is that the doctor is a sadist, and seems to enjoy needles and shocks. ;^) I still have bruises. He is also one of those assh#$es who does not seem to approve of homeschooling and quizzed me in conjunction with poking me. Yeah, I'm paying you to disapprove of me, thanks.)
No, I have good ole carpal tunnel, which makes more sense as I could not figure out how I ddamaged my ulnar nerve.
Why are my pinky and ring fingers affected, you ask? That is not where the carpal nerve goes.
On me, apparently it does.
He seemed a bit non-plussed, and checked my right hand again. I am a rare individual whose nerves run to different places, and am quite affected by temps.


On a scale of 1 to 10 I am only a 2. He does not know why my elbows hurt so much, I must have done something to set it off. (Gee, Pat told me that 3 months ago.) They have been settling down anyway.
I am to wear braces at night, and more during the day if I need to. (Gee, Pat told me that, too. ) Keep my hands warm.

Summer is when?

The thumb is healing up so I have been able to knit some. It still locks up when used too much, but not as much as before. Using the braces at night is helping things calm down. I use the right one while on the computer, as my hand is asleep within one minute without it. Keeping my hands warm helps, too (already knew that), so I will be knitting some fingerless mitts/gloves to wear all the time.

I can deal with carpal tunnel.
And next time I am just paying Pat for my medical advice. And Cindy for counseling. They don't question how I raise and educate my child...although their opinions would mean far more to me than Dr. Sadistic's.


monica said...

Ahhh, yes. I have had the Ulnar nerve surgery twice the second one was a doozy let me tell you. I have the carpal tunnel problem too, but I don't know if I can go with out knitting for the recovery time. Hope the braces work for you.

Sinclair said...

Everybody's a critic! Doctors need to mind the business of tending to the patient's needs and keeping unwanted opinions zipped behind closed lips. Homeschool on! After all, several of our U.S. presidents were homeschooled. Sour grapes, doctor?