Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Diets, Sewing, and the Ulnar

I'm glad I posted about the cholesteral check because I was trying to remember when the heck that was.
I've been doing quite well on my diet. I have lost weight, but don't ask how much because I don't own a scale. I am going by how my clothes fit, and they are getting loose. I am wearing some slacks that were too tight to get on in the spring and they are baggy. Had to buy smaller bras, and when I bought some long-sleeved Ts they were larges, not XL or 1X.
I'm a happy camper on that score.

A big downer is the fact that I have done something to my arms and they both hurt like heck, even when I am not doing anything. The left one is worse, probably from using it to do the newspapers. People (yes, those vaguely defined persons who always pop up with advice) have given me dire warnings about ulnar nerve damage, and in Googling I have found that it certainly does seem to fit. The aforementioned people want me to go to the doctor. I am afraid the doctor will tell me I cannot knit, which I have just about figured out for myself as it I am at a loss. Knitting is such a big part of who I am - my friends are knitters, my social outings all involve knitting, I am Program Chair for our Guild, for crying out loud. I tried to Not knit for 2 evenings and could not sit still. Yes, we all know where the Oldest got his ADD from, and sitting and staring at the TV is not something I can do.

So I am going to sew. And quilt.
No, I cannot sew a straight line. Yes, quilting does seem to involve precise seams.
Stop laughing.
I can learn. I learned to knit lace and socks, I can learn to sew.

So as I do with anything I want to learn, I have checked out numerous books from the library and scoured the internet for all pertinent info.
I have purchased some inexpensive fabric form Wally World and plan to make some quilted potholders to start. These might make some handy gifts, since I clearly will not be whipping up some knits. And I am going to make me some simple skirts.
It'll be fun. Really. I can cut the fabric in the kitchen, and go back to the bedroom to iron it, then to the craft room to sew it, then back to cut....Of course, I can't drag the sewing machine to the couch while everyone watches the telly, so when they wish to have my presence I will just.........sit there. And do nothing.

I started some Salt and Pepper mittens from Favorite Mittens last night. I have small hands, so not many stitches, and since I am new to colorwork it is slow going. I'll only knit a few rounds at a time.

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