Tuesday, September 04, 2007

And it's over

Summer, that is.

Not that it isn't still blazing hot outside, but school started again at our house and that means the lazy days are gone for a time.
High school this year, and our best first day ever. A. is thinking seriously about finishing in 3 years and got right to work. It was almost like a day from one of those books featuring totally unbelievable homeschool families where all the kids are Stepford children. Rather nice for a change. ;^)

Hubby is going to FL tomorrow with some of the other firemen to spec out a new engine. This means I am in charge of the TV for 2 days (once I wrest the remote away from A.), and Cubbie games will be seen - or at least listened to while I knit.

And speaking of knitting, Hanami was cast on and the first repeat of the basketweave pattern done last night. Worked on the Leaf Lace today as it was easier to find my place on the chart again after helping with Algebra. I think it will be finished well before Secret of the Stole begins on Oct. 5.

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