Thursday, October 04, 2007

Lo fat, Lo chol - or, I am officially Old

Hubby had a scare last month -a physical showed some problems that eventually led to a heart cath that showed a small blockage in one artery. He is on a low fat, low cholesterol, low sodium diet and some meds, but all is well.
My check up has shown that my cholesterol is just as bad as his, so I am also on a low cal, low chol diet as of this week. I don't have to watch the salt as my bp has always been low, but then I never used much salt to begin with.
I also have to have a stress test and an echo next week. It better not end in a cath - that is taking the hubby/wife togetherness a bit far, IMO.
All this because I was asking about taking estrogen and wanting to exercise to lose weight.
Cholesterol, fats, salts, heart checks - 47 is NOT old, dammit. I still feel 25 inside, despite what shows it's face in my mirror.

In cheerier news, we move to the Fiber Front:

I designed and made a Cub Cloche last night, crocheted, with the Cub logo on top of my head and the blue continuing down for the rest.

The Lace Leaf Shawl is finished and blocked. I'm very pleased with it, and glad I made the smallest size as it would have been huge otherwise.

Started Clapotis and am through the increase section, adding one repeat. I am loving the Jojoland yarn, beautiful colors.

TISA (Truly International Sock) is back in the States - and what a quick trip! Postmarked the 29th of Sept and here by the 3rd of Oct (I didn't check the mail yesterday). Very impressive, and she didn't look at all queasy when I let her out of the box.
Holly sent some seriously lovely goodies along with TISA - some gorgeous sock yarn, an adorable Christmas ornament of a little old lady with her knitting, and a heart-shaped key chain with a raised relief of Heidelberg in the center - extra perfect because I love hearts and silver. Thank you so much for your generosity, Holly!
I am deciding which of 2 yarns to use for the gusset...leaning toward the funkier one, but all the posts seem to favor the bluer ones, hmmmmm....
TISA may get to go pumpkin shopping tomorrow, and will take in some sights early next week.

Pics to follow. It's even written on my to-do list. My Ravelry notebook is so sad looking that I am determined to get some photos up by early next week.

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