Saturday, February 04, 2006

You've Got Gauge

Yes, yes I do.

Which means I have done all I can to my Knitting Olympics sweater for now.

My choice? Tubey, from Knitty. Although I will not be putting horizontal stripes across my bodacious tatas and ever-enlarging, it will be done in a solid that has subtle hints of other colors. A cheap yarn that I have on hand, have enough of, and can get gauge with. And that's all I am telling you until the 10th.

I am going to see if I can finish Clapotis by then. If I quit messing about with little things and concentrate on it exclusively I can probably do it.

On the personal front, Billy has been working a great deal of overtime (12 hour hirebacks). As an example: He worked 24 hours Thursday, stayed to work another 12 on Friday, came home at 7 pm, left to do papers at 4 am and work another 24. He gets off at 7 this morning and will most likely sleep in his chair most of the day. Since I am staying up all night I just might be sleeping, too. Good thing the Younger Son is the responsible sort...;-)

It's nice to be blogging again. I need to reread how to make lovely links, and I have buttons and things I want to put on my sidebar. Maybe this week. The place could use some spiffing up (lazy faeries).


Jackie said...

Okay, I've read both recent entries. And until you started talking about Billy, I hadn't clue what you were going on about.

Damn girl! It's a foreign language you speak! *grin*

Nalani said...

Glad you are back in the swim. Like Jackie I read both your two entries.

Speaking of knitting sweaters easily and quickly, did I send you Leisure Arts "Knitted Seamless Raglans" booklet? I have several of those booklets as I worked in a knitting shop for a while so I'm hoping I sent you one along with the other stuff.. You can knit quickly and easily with those patterns and make them as long and as short as you want. Really really easy sweathers.

If I didn't send you one I'll send you another.

Nalani said...

That should be sweaters not sweathers. Arrrgggghhh!