Saturday, February 04, 2006

Anybody home?

Wow, is it dusty! And what is that smell?

I thought perhaps the faeries would keep up in here but apparently the only mythical creatures patrolling the web are trolls. Guess I will have to do my own dirty work.

I had the flu (the actual flu, not a fluid-spewing virus that people insist on referring to as flu) and subsequently came down with sinus and lung infections. I am on some huuuuge pill that contains 2 antibiotics and am feeling some better. Still have little energy which I think is due to running out of breath whenever I try to do something. This means the 24¢ fish are staring sappily at me through even dirtier water than usual, and you do not want to examine my kitchen floor too closely. Sweeping does not remove all evils.

I joined some KALs (knitalongs) and am in the 3rd section of a clapotis as part of the Behind the Times KAL. I also joined the Monthly Dishcloth group at Yahoo and am on my third one.

Yes, I am knitting and not flaking. Such a new experience for me. *grin*

The big thing I am going to join in on is Yarn Harlot's Knitting Olympics. I am nothing if not a lemming. Really, though, the thought of so many of us worldwide knitting to reach a goal at the same time is amazing to me and there is no way I can pass it up. Only problem is, it is meant to be a challenge. Something you are just a bit fearful of, that will stretch your abilities yet be within reach.

This means, for me, a sweater.

The thought of lace, entrelac, Fair Isle, intarsia...these all interest me, are things I want to try and am not afraid of. I know I will make mistakes with them, have to frog. I consider that part of learning them.

I cannot seem to apply that way of thinking to a sweater.

And it would be so great to have a sweater that fits! One that does not hang 3 inches shorter in the front, one in which the long sleeves do not extend past my fingertips and hang to my knees!

I will do a simple one. I have narrowed it down to 2 possibilities: Knitty's Tubey or White Lies Design's Shapely T.

The Tubey claims it will stretch to fit my chest. The Shapely T includes short-row shaping to compensate. I have to decide soon so I can swatch, which is considered training and is allowed before Opening Ceremonies.

It has to be finished in 16 days.

Oh well, that which doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right? And I will be in good company, others are doing their first sweaters for this, including a woman in my Knit Nite group.

So I will go to YH's blog and join the over 2,000 knitters who have already signed on.
If you hear a thunking sound later, that is me banging my head against the wall.

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