Friday, February 10, 2006

A Weekend Alone


Alex will be leaving at 1630 hours on a weekend trip to an Air Force base for Color Guard practice and won't be back until Sunday afternoon. Billy works a 24 hour shift today and has class Saturday and Sunday. Do you know what his means?
It means that I get the remote control!
It will be a little weird. I am rarely, if ever, alone in my house for more than an hour or so while Alex is outside with friends (we home-educate, remember, so he's here 24/7). Billy being off for 2 days at a time means the TV is constantly going.

I love them dearly but am looking forward to having some space.

And what perfect timing! We can officially cast on for the Olympics at 2 pm today, which gives me lots of uninterrupted knitting time. (Don't call me. I will be either: giddy that my first sweater is going so well or, very frustrated and upset that sticks and string are getting the best of me.)

Before Alex leaves I have to do a horrible, horrible thing.
I have to sew.
Not fun sewing. Hemming. Hemming dress blues pants. Pants that have to be longer in the back than in the front, which makes them a complete and total PITA.
Mom helped me to get them pinned up yesterday. My mother is 4' 10" and has had to hem every pair of pants she has ever owned.
She hated the dress blues.
We finally got them pinned. 6 inches have been cut off and I have to cut a couple more. Stitching is not supposed to show, and I hate doing a blind hem. I have a sewing machine, for Pete's sake, I don't want to do it by hand.
So I am going to cheat. I bought that non-sew, iron on, fusible hem stuff. I tested it on some fabric we cut off and it worked....bwahahahaha!
I also have to sew a patch on the shoulder of his new shirt but that is a minute's work on my new machine - goes through it like buttah.

Oh well, another hour with the pants gives me almost 2 days of knitting.
It's worth it.


Nalani said...

You have a whole weekend of ME time. Have fun. I used to love those.

I have used that tape for hemming. Works pretty good altho with several washings they might come loose.

Enjoy your weekend!

Jackie said...

So, how much of that sweater got done?

Sarah said...

I can't wait to see the progress on your Tubey! I'm making one for the Knitting Olympics, too, and I love seeing all of the different variations!

noggie said...

Fusiable tape has to be the best stuff in the world (except for knitting) ;)

I just recently use it to make removable muslin dust covers for the shelves that my yarn stash is on (three CD/DVDs stands that I use for the stash)(well a goodly part of the stash) Absolutely no sewing at all. Use vecro dots to attached the covers.