Friday, February 17, 2006

Tubey is Toast

I made the back, worked on both sleeves for awhile, tried it on and

too small.

As in barely managed to cram my fat arms into it small.

So Tubey was frogged and rewound and I reswatched with 2 yarns and 3 needle sizes.
Late Wednesday afternoon I cast on for a top down V Neck pullover in sportweight yarn, size 7 needles.

The heck with Addis, *I* need to become Turbo Knitter.

I am determined to get the Gold, though, so will persevere and just have noodle arms for a week in early March.

I mentally debated switching patterns all Tuesday night. Should I change from what I began with? Having Tubey come out that small disheartened me, and I would not have enjoyed trying again. And I did only sign up to make Ye Dreaded Sweater, not Tubey, so I didn't feel it would be 'cheating' to change. I do want to make Tubey - I can see what I did and how to change it so it remains on my 'List'.

My Valentine (to abruptly change the subject) is being made and should arrive in another month or so.
I am getting a new couch, with the fabric of my choosing on it, that feels comfortable to me! I have no idea how it is going to fit in our living room but I am very excited. And no, it is not blue, it is sage green. The sweater I am making is blue though, so that should calm anyone worried that I have gone insane by using a color other than blue for something.
I did buy an orange sweater this winter which I enjoy wearing to my parent's as it completely freaks my Mom out. She keeps staring and cannot complete a thought.It's very satisfying.

Maybe my Olympic sweater will garner the same response. Hopefully not because it has 3 sleeves.

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AmyArtisan said...

Hang in there! I had to restart my Knitting Olympic entry & then had a near disaster at the end. Knit On!

(came to your blog through the dishcloth KAL links)