Monday, February 20, 2006


Last night...

Me: "Well, I've put the sleeves on scrap yarn and CO to work in the round, just have to knit the body as long as I want and then pick up and knit the sleeves and the neck. It's supposed to be ribbed but I may do something else if I have time. And I rechecked my gauge and did the math and....."

Younger Son: "Mom, you're talking knitting gibberish. Speak English."

Me: "I should be able to finish on time and actually get it over my head."

Younger Son: " Oh, OK. Good for you."

This morning....

Hubby: 'Is this really going to get finished and BE something?"

Me: holding sweater up and explaining, "This will be sleeves, this is the neck, I'm working on the body."

Hubby: "Oh yeah, I see it now. Very good. It really is going to be a sweater."

A pause...

"Ummm, how much did that yarn cost me?"

Me: "Well, since I got it on clearance at $1.50 a skein last year, between $4.50 and $6 for the sweater.

Hubby: "Cool. So $6 for yarn and 500 hours of work...."

At least he gets the work involved.

15 minutes ago...

Me: with calculator in hand, "I've done 4,450 stitches so far today." (By way of explaining why I need to take a break.)

Younger Son: "Uh huh. Are you going to open that package of cookies?"

And they wonder why I need Knit Night and the Knittyboard.

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Jackie said...

I understand Younger Son. "Knitting gibberish" = knibberish.

You do have your own language!! *evil grin*