Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Replies to Replies


No, you didn't send me any pattern books...but I will take any that you care to send. *grin!*


You had best learn to speak 'knibberish' since Sonja wants to learn knitting.
Crochet has it's own set of gibbersih that you will have to learn as well.

Get busy.

We ate lunch out today using some of the stack of gift cards we received over the Christmas holiday. It was quite yummy. Alex had a half-rack of ribs (yes, he finished them) and I grossed out both of My Guys by ordering a Vegetarian Sandwich and a salad. I took my knitting but did not have time to do any. I have not done ANY knitting today, as a matter of fact, and had best get busy.

Tomorrow is meant to be sunny so I will try to remember to take some pics and post them. All words and no pics makes blogging a dull view.


Nalani said...

Ok, I'll send the extra "Knitted Seamless Raglans" book I have. The knitting is done from the neck down. I'll send the neatest one.


darbyrose said...

Thanks, Nalani! You are a sweetie!

That's the kind of sweater I am knitting now and I love being able to try it on as I go.

Nalani said...

Mailed it out this morning by regualar mail.

Nalani said...

I need spelling lessons.

weaselrina said...

Crochibberish? isn't that a type of vegetable? ;)

I am going to do a top down sweater soon, i think! It sounds so .. logical..

Jackie said...

"Top down sweater" sounds kinda kinky to me. Easy access? *evil grin*

Nalani said...

Jackie, get your mind out of the gutter! *Grin*