Wednesday, December 21, 2005

In Which The Woman Begins To Feel Human Again

When we last left our intrepid heroine she wasfar more useless than intrepid. A virtual blob, a bug on the windshield of life, contributing very little and creating work for others.
But now she is once again a functioning member of family and society! Amazing!

How did this miracle come about, you ask?

More drugs!

That's right, using the Better Life Through Chemistry Plan, she is able to eat, sleep, remember things, do housework - even cook a meal and bake bread! Wow!

Yes, after being offered More Drugs by her regular doctor for over 2 years she finally caved and asked about Sleep Aids. She discussed this with the nurse practioner, her regular doctor being unavailable. The NP talked about menopause, depression, and other things with her...and the NP sympathized! She understood menopause! Our heroine may even be in love with her!! The NP added an antidepressant to the one our H. has been taking, one that the NP felt would help the winter gloom and let her sleep. And it worked!
Our heroine has not slept through the night in years! Literally! Years! But for 4 nights she has slept 8 hours - all in a row. No creepy crawly feelings, no waking and staring at the ceiling, no using the bathroom 3 to 4 times.
Sleeping at night means she is awake during the day. And she does things! And she smiles! And laughs! And feels happy! Even though it is winter, and almost Christmas!


Here's wishing you all a Chemistry-Filled Christmas.
I'm going to bed now. I'm sleepy. ;-)


Nalani said...

I am so happy that you have found something that helps you, dear Darby, as it does help if one has a goodnights sleep to be able to face come what may the next day and all the problems that do arise.

You go, Girl!!!!!!!!!!

Aloha, Nalani

Kellie said...


Glad you got some help that makes you feel better. :-)

I had wondered about some of the sleep aids. So many of us have problems sleeping and I am one of them. Glad you found something that helps you!

Miss you and glad to see you around a bit more.


Busybee said...

Welcome to my world! Drugs are the spice of my life....menopause is an evil thing, but drugs make life good!!

weaselrina said...

Ah yes, Drugs of those types saved my life! I'm glad to see they are doing it for you!

Good to see you on the mend.