Monday, December 12, 2005

Monday, monday......

I'm feeling better this afternoon, still a bit tired.

Yesterday I had NO energy at all but finally was so bored that I could not lie around any longer. I curled up in my bedroom chair under the warming blanket and worked on something with part of the Project yarn that I had been wanting to make so the Small One would have something in the box as well.
I had lots of Bright and Lofty in an orangey-red color and plenty of red Fancy Fur so I made a scarf holding a strand of each and I am quite pleased with it. Did it on size 19 needles. It's colorful and soft, and long enough that an adult could wear it should the Small One tire of it. I'll try to take a pic this week.

Lots of packages came my way - Knitty Swaps that have increased my Stash and an amazing package from my Knitty SP, Woollymind! She has been a lovely SP and spoiled me rotten. This package included 3 kinds of yarn, tea, choccies, Marmite, notions....will take pictures this week and tell you what I plan to do with the yarn, already have a pattern for the Cherry Tree Hill which is the most gorgeous blend of blues and purples ever. I keep making Alex look at it...'isn't this pretty? Won't it look good as this?' His polite Uh huhs are getting a bit testy. ;-)

Since all I have accomplished today is vacuuming and sweeping I am off to make myself useful...riiiiight.

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