Monday, December 26, 2005

The Goodies

Ho Ho Ho!
Merry Christmas!

OK, so the Day is over - but the gifts remain. As does a mess, but that will be taken care of this afternoon.

Knitting related haul:

Ball winder
CP needles in size 7
Hanging circular needle storage
Sally Melville's Color
Knitting On the Edge
Sheep measuring tape
A $50 gift card to Barnes and Noble so I can buy books, mags, and frappacinos on SnB nights.

Yep, hubby is a sweetie at Christmas. And he has his odd moments throughout the year...Grin!

My room (crafts, fibers, computer) is a terrible mess - unorganized, and makes me woozy to walk into. Things placed willy nilly without being in their rightful places does that to me. So today I am embarking on a huge overhaul. I am sorting all yarns, beginning with all my old acrylic. Much of it will go to the church for the Heart2Hands prayer shawl ministry. If I get that much done today I will be pleased.

Started a hat for hubby last night, the one that needs to have CFD worked into it. He originally wanted a ribbing deep enough to fold up over the lettering. I didn't think that would look right since he choose the larger Army locker style letters from among those that I charted out and having a ribbing deep enough to cover those would put the letters way up on his head.
I worked the ribbing up and left the work on the table with a note about it (he leaves at 4:30 am). When I called him this morning he had decided that it should have shorter ribbing and not worry about turning it up. ;-D I knew he couldn't visualize what I was talking about until he saw it - I'll frog back and maybe have it done tonight.

The Big Project is done and packed up, heading for the PO this afternoon. I'll post about it tomorrow.

Hope your Christmas was a Merry one!

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Jackie said...

How many sheep do you have--that you need a sheep measuring tape?