Friday, October 21, 2005

Tuesday night and other answers

Tuesday night is the best night for TV in Billy's opinion because there are shows on like Firehouse and the Amazing Race. It also used to be the night for the Shield and Rescue Me and 24.

I hate all of those shows. (Hate is such a strong word - but it applies.)
I also hate Survivor, Cops, reruns of Married, With Children..just about anything he watches. Movies where people are hurt and hurt others. Where everything blows up right after they all sleep together and curse for 45 minutes straight.

I like......Monk. And Lost. That's about it.
I just sit in my little chair and knit or crochet and try not to look or listen to the TV. Billy and Alex have their chairs directly facing it. Mine is in the corner with baskets of yarn.

Yarn Dying

First of all........Jackie, you mean there was MORE yarn? And you left it there?

KIDDING!! But for future knowledge, animal fibers can be dyed again, yes.

Microwave vs. stove: I had never done any dyeing on the stove before and I did not like it as well. It did not come out as evenly as in the microwave (I dyed it again the next day), created a bigger mess, and took longer. I much prefer the microwave...I have even felted a bag that was made with microwaved KoolAid-drenched yarn and did not lose any color.
Also, Diana had us do all these rinses with soap and vinegar that I did not do before and I cannot say I noticed any difference...aside from increased time and mess. (I'm not much on extra messes, not being the owner of a dishwasher.)

I finished the socks and the Sophie bag. Have not taken post-felting pics of the Sophie bag, will do that tomorrow. I can share more pics of my feet encased in wool, which I know y'all live for. What is a week without my feet, after all?
Image hosted by

Image hosted by
Socks were knit with Steinbach Wolle, Strapaze, Ringel Color..whatever that means. I just liked the colors.

Blues, pinks, teals....pretty....yummmmmmmm.

Yesterday Billy, Alex, and I went driving out in the country to find our pumpkins. We bought 3 at the same stand we went to last year and had lunch out in a little town by the river.
Tomorrow Alex and I are going to see the new Abraham Lincoln Museum and Library with my parents. Good thing we got Alex some new tennies, he won't have to clump around in his Army boots all day. The boy suddenly shot up about 6" and 3 shoe sizes. All I can say is it's about time.

Getting on close to 10 pm here, which means time for Alex and I to eat. Owls get hungry in the evening, being wide-awake and all. The Lark would have been in bed well over an hour ago if he wasn't working a Varsity game (sitting in the ambulance with another EMT drinking soda ;o)). Alex is making eggs and bacon. It smells tempting. Much more tempting than the yogurt I have in the fridge, even if the yogurt is cheesecake flavored.

Hmmm, maybe I had best go supervise in the kitchen.

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Jackie said...

I, too, hate the shows you mentioned, Debi.

Monk, Law & Order (original series), NOVA, ER and As Time Goes By are pretty much all I watch. Although, being stuck in the Midwestern CT zone, I rarely get to see NOVA anymore. Just comes on too damn early!

My kids adore Mr. Monk and love to watch the show. I usually have to cover Adam's eyes during the crime, though. *grin*

I do check the Good Will for more good yarn whenever I'm there, but it's been pretty much famine since that first feast.

You KNOW how I feel about yogurt. Gawdawful stuff not fit for human consumption. Almost as bad as Cruel Whip! *grin* My kids love the Yoplait Light Boston Creme Pie flavor. I'll admit, it does smell good! But I've never gotten past the smell.