Monday, October 24, 2005

Look! In the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's....

clouds! and stars! and the moon!

I really don't know what else you were expecting. Certainly not the sun. I don't think I could be coherent enough to write an entry before noon.

My life has been rolling along it's boring little track the past few days. I did clean my tiny craft room as it was disorganized and driving me insane...things not in their assigned spots! Oh no! So much yarn there are no spots left to assign it to! (hehehehe)
Anyway, I can actually get to my new and as yet unused sewing machine, which I hope to try out after this weekend. I have a baby shower to go to on Sunday for which I am not done knitting/ what am I doing? Trying to make a Bubby Bear. This is the one I will work out all my knitting issues on, then I will try to make a couple before Sunday. One will be for the older brother of the soon to arrive baby girl. It's a quick knit, but if I don't get them done I can always do them later...and maybe even have a little outfit for Big Bros.

I received a package from my Knitty Sp today - all kinds of girly things that she says are meant to counteract the testosterone in my home....*grin!* She is so sweet...will take pics and post tomorrow, along with pics of the completed Sophie bag. I will even leave the chocolate untouched until after the photo.

No, really, I haven't touched it.
Just a little drool on the Caramel bar.


weaselrina said...

I'm looking forward to your sophie pic -
its in my "up and coming pile" in a pretty burgundy heather cascade 220.

I admire your will power in re: chocolate. :)

weaselrina said...

Did we do that at exactly the same time? ;)