Sunday, October 16, 2005

Invisibilty powers - activate!

I uploaded my photo of my lovely dyed yarns to Photobucket 3 times and I cannot see any of them.
Photobucket keeps telling me it is there.
Since Photobucket has no reason to lie to me about said photo I can only conclude that it is Invisible.
As is the code for it, so I cannot post the Invisible Picture here.

I could understand this if I had used a certain KoolAid.

Yes, when I was rushing through the store buying last minute dyeing supplies Tuesday night, I bought some Invisible KoolAid.
Yes, Diana and Nancy noticed. No, they did not let the opportunity slide by.

I was just grabbing packets by their color, not reading labels. I was in a hurry, OK?

When I get home and am putting away my leftovers, Alex comes and starts pawing through them.
"Mom, you bought Invisible KoolAid?"
"Um, yes, apparently."
"Isn't the point of dyeing to make the yarn a color?"
"Is there a reason you are not in bed, sleeping?"
"Ha ha. Hey! Maybe you should dye some yarn with this. Maybe you could make Invisible Yarn. Then you could knit or crochet an Invisibilty Cloak." This is said with much smirking and snickering.
Sarcasm aside, I pondered this idea for a moment. I could wrap up in it and hide. I could easily bring more yarn into the house. Hmmmm......

No, I did not try it.
Alex drank it, and he didn't disappear, so I figured the yarn wouldn't either.
Apparently the powers of Invisiblity only work on photos.


_Summer_ said...



Busybee said...

I am just roaring with laughter! I can just envision Alex having this conversation with you!!!

However, if it had made him invisible I would be on my way to buy a truck load cause there's many people that would suit me much better in invisible moade!!!!!

Judy said...

falln_angel said...

Laughing my butt off - but only because I've lost count of how many times I've grabbed a handful of invisible Kool-Aid to dye yarn with. Luckily I've caught myself before the checkout every time.

weaselrina said...

Thats hilarious!!

Now tell me why it is that the checkout counter people can see invisible items?

I want some invisible steak.