Thursday, October 06, 2005

Biscuits, anyone?

Today is:

Bake Biscuits Day
Come and Take it Day

I don't know what people should come and take. Perhaps the biscuits? They would be leaving my house empty-handed because I have no intentions of making any.
Maybe they could take the trunk-ful of stuff I have left over from a garage sale held in July (don't say it!) that I have been meaning to leave at Goodwill. It would certainly save me a trip.
They could take my Guys for a day.
They could take quite a lot of things that I wouldn't miss (OK, I would miss the Guys after a bit) as I have far too much crap in my house.

Not the yarn, tho'. Or my Coke. Stay out of the craft room and the soda case and you can have anything else.


Nalani said...

Same here, Darby! When I had a garage sale a while back a business womens group came by on the second day and asked if they could have what I didn't sell. I said sure and Monday they came and carted it all away. It was great! Maybe if you called Goodwill or the Salvation Army they would come and pick it up.

_Summer_ said...

Alas, no one showed up to take any of my crap away yesterday.

It's so, so sad.