Saturday, October 01, 2005

Actual Knitting Stuff!

Imagine that!

I made a version of the Airy Scarf from LMKG with the yummy mohair my SP sent me (this was a chair project, a small project I keep for TV working). I only CO 16 instead of 22 and used size 15 needles. It blocked to 64" long and 5" wide.

Before blocking:Image hosted by

Getting a Euclan bath:
Image hosted by

Getting the heck stretched out of it:
Image hosted by
Yes, I repinned the end and made it even.

You would think there would be a picture of me wearing it, but that photo would have to come perilously close to my face so, No.

Now that I can do YOs without even thinking about them, I plan on starting a Branching Out scarf.

On a totally unrelated front -
I had to get new glasses, which are not on my face at the moment as I have to drive this weekend. They are going to take some getting used to. My prescription went waaay up - the bifocal part more than doubled (yes, I am *that* old) - so I will be living in Warped World for a time. I really, really hate that. I think I will like the bifocal once I have adjusted. Seeing is almost always a good thing.

My hubby is on shift and Alex spent the night at a new friend's house which means I am ALONE. This is such an unusual occurrence that I am unsure what to do. I think I may go overdye some yarn.
Yep, 3 hours alone and I choose to play with yarn. Go figure.


Busybee said...

Don't blame you one bit!! When i am alone, i generally play with some of my yarn, paints or a book. Alone time is very rare though!

_Summer_ said...

Hee. When I read busybee's comment above, I thought it said:

" with some yarn, PANTS or a book."

Anyway, I love-love the scarf. I wish yarn-stuff wasn't so hard (for someone uncoordinated like meself) to learn.

Bowin' and scrapin' over here.

(phoenetically obscene word verification: ifekkcm)

weaselrina said...

The scarf is so pretty!
and looks nice and warm :)

As for the Irish Hiking Scarf - (re: your comment on my blog) they look great in grey! Grey isn't a boring color and shows that pattern well.

Nalani said...

That is so pretty! You did good, Darby!