Thursday, September 15, 2005


It's raining!

It's 58ºF!

I am sitting here in my chilly craft room with the window open and a small space heater blowing on my legs...and it is wonderful!

Not that I want it to stay this cool. My preference is for the 70s. But it is quite nice for a change, and we have not heard the sound of rain in soooo long that I am thoroughly enjoying it.

My wish for you - May you find something lovely in your life this evening.


weaselrina said...

Hey there :) The magic striping yarn is Regia Mini Ringel in .. er 5219 I think. -
58 degrees? yummy.. thats perfect for me!

weaselrina said...

whoops.. forgot needle size..
they're 2 (us) :)

Jackie said...

It's been cool here in WI, but not that cool! I did have all the windows in the house open the last few days with the AC off! Beautiful weather.

And perfect for canning spaghetti sauce.

Nalani said...

I have missed you at the RT!

Aloha, Nalani