Sunday, September 18, 2005

Yada, yada, yada

Chemo Caps
I have been surfing the web, looking for some stylish chemo hat patterns so I can knit or crochet one for a lady at church. Wilma is in her 80's (I think), tiny and very stylish, so I am not popping out some Fun Fur monstrosity that she will feel she has to wear so as to avoid hurting my feelings. Another lady has started chemo as well, so I am sure she will need some eventually.
Can't find any that call out to me, really, so have put in a plea for help at Knitty
I am going to cast on for Coronet, which will be my first cabling project. I have some Caron's Simply Soft in a pale blue which should not be too warm. I think Wilma might like that. I would like to make a brimmed-something, tho'.

Knitty Swap
I did a Baaaaad thing....I completely forgot to pop my last swap in the mail! Her package came yesterday, and her generosity makes me feel especially awful! So I am going to switch and reuse her box, adding some other things in and sending it Express, with my apologies.

Katrina KAL
A lady in our local knitting guild sent some rectangles to me for the Katrina KAL...only problem is that the word was passed that they should be the size of notebook paper (8 1/2 X 11), so instead of me making more new squares I will be adding to the sides of these a la' Log Cabin Quilt to make them 14 by 18 (or 2 WUA ones).

Personal Plans
Billy is working 48 hours, today and tomorrow. This is a good thing, because he has been Extremely Crabby and Negative lately. Maybe a couple of days at the firehouse with the men will lighten him up. They can all sit around swearing, drinking coffee and scratching their......umm, they can do Guy Stuff.
This won't change my days much since I still had church things today and I will be doing the School Thang with Alex tomorrow (yes, summer is about done, darn it), but I won't have to work around Mr. Scowls.
On the plus side, if the Dark Cloud that is Hubby doesn't lighten up I will have to go shopping for yarn to encourage it to dissipate.
Ok, so that won't change him, but it will make me feel better.'-)

Oh! Speaking of shopping - I bought some new pants this week.
This was a very depressing shopping trip as I had to buy a bigger size. And the bigger size is baggy, but the mostly right size is too tight in the waist to wear all day. (I hate tight clothes.) This is what comes of being shaped like the Apple, which means that I will die of a heart attack at some point, and if I go up one more size the heart attack can not come too soon for me. There is only so much fat I am willing to carry around. I do, on occasion, manage to see myself in the mirror despite my best efforts to avoid them and it is not a pleasant or pretty sight. Especially since I am now sporting the Haircut from Hell. I don't think I asked for the most unflattering 'do possible, it just turned out that way.

Perhaps I should try to do something about it.
The hair would be easier to fix, although since it would involve More Removal of Hair I would get grief from the aforementioned Major Grump. Maybe I should just make some hats for me, as well as Wilma.

Maybe I should exercise.

Maybe I should cover all the mirrors in black crepe and Pretend I had the heart attack.
Black has a slimming effect.
Or so I am told.


_Summer_ said...

Crepe is good. Gauze is better.

Not that I would have any experience with that sort of thing.

nalani said...

Darby, if you are going to knit caps for Chemo patients make sure you use a very soft yarn. My friend, whom I lost yesterday, couldn't stand scratchy hats.

You are a dear to knit hats for them.

DomesticOverlord said...

Eek! You didn't have to do that! I'm just glad you didn't see the Red Heart label on the Symphony and tell everyone I use acrylic. Shh! I'm in the novelty yarn closet.