Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Even More Hair Loss!!!!

Yes, I had my hair cut AGAIN.
I want it to be grown out long enough to pull up by next summer, so the logical thing to do to help that along was to cut more of it off.

No, really.

I am trying to get rid of the layers of hair color that have fried my hair over the past several years, so getting the back of my hair all bobbed up short and letting the rest of it grow longer will let it look stylish while healing my hair.
It'll be swell.

My hubby isn't really buying it either.

Funny how I don't care. Muwahahahaha!

Tonight was knitting night, which means going to Barnes and Noble and knitting with a fine group of women. Actually I don't believe a whole lot of knitting happens but we TALK about knitting and we laugh a lot. And that is good. I need to be near more estrogen that testosterone at times to keep my sanity. Chocolate isn't always enough. Although I did have a yummy hot chocolate while we were chatting. ;-)

I did not get my donuts today. Alex made pancakes for us, which were yummy, but not creme-filled.
Maybe Sunday morning.

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