Wednesday, August 24, 2005

yes, it is

Yesterday was Scrub the Bathroom Day.


I bought 2 different cleaners, Bam and Kaboom (who names these things??), and used each one on half the tub/shower to see which one worked better.

The Kaboom won.

When you begin creating Cleanser Contests to get you through the chore, you have scrubbed more than your lifetime allotment already.

And yes, the spider is still there.

I could ask hubby to take care of it when he gets home from the Fire Dept. this morning, but he will probably just tell me that it isn't bothering anybody but me. Spiders are not nearly as high on his list of Things Which Must Be Dealt With as they are on mine.
Besides which, I think the thought of me taking a shower while trying to keep tabs on said arachnids amuses him.
Maybe I will ask Alex. All that pre-teen testosterone should be good for something.


Jackie said...

Couldn't you just Bam or Kaboom the spider? They both sound lethal...*wink*

_Summer_ said...

Kaboom is, indeed, a winning product.

And, if it makes you feel any better, I am conducting rolling, open auditions for a toilet cleaner that will actually budge the dark ring o' doom. So far, The Works doesn't, Bon-Ami is so-so, Kaboom! (for toilets) just sits there looking like lava-lamp lava, and Comet makes me sneeze.

Right now (this very minute!), I'm using the new dual-chambered Clorox product.

Will it get the part? Will the auditions cease? Will the excitement ever end?

Jackie said...

Sum, if you find something that works, let me know. I still can't get the rings out of the toilets here.

I was promised the Works would, but it didn't. Have tried a number of other things and no go...

Actually, Debi, I've never heard of Bam or Kaboom. Should I make the investment?

Anonymous said...

Just vacuum that little guy up that up. That's what I often do with bugs. That way he will die in all that dust. That's assuming you have dust in your vacuum bag.

Nalani said...

Hey, anonymous is me. Nalani. Didn't realize I'd done that.