Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Flashing the Project Stash, and an Eep

I decided not to post a pic of shawl progress yet because those of you who do not work with yarn will think it is a big misshapen mess. *grin* Later I will pin it out on the bed so it will assume some sort of shape and will take a pic of it that way.

I *will* show you a picture of most of the yarns that were sent to me. More novelty fibers that you will ever see outside of a craft store..LOL
Knitting with these is slower going, but is making a most interesting shawl.

The fibers:
Image hosted by

For those of who are not aware of what the Project is: A member of an online community called the Roundtable has been through a very rough time both physically and emotionally, including a stay in an out-of-state ICU. Wanting to do something for her, many rounders sent me fibers which I am turning into a Prayer and Good Thoughts shawl for her.
Being the anal, OCD person that I am, I had to go and make it complicated. *grin*
The center back is a log cabin pattern which involved much picking up of stitches and waste yarn. I am working vertical stripes out from both edges now - will add sections of horizontal stripes after that, then horizontal stripes the full length of the top and bottom.

And a big **Eep** from me....

Billy came home this morning, gave me a hug, and asked if I would like to see a movie and eat out.


Oh! Duh! *mental smacking of forehead*

I had forgotten it was our anniversary. Yes, 26 years of marriage with no end in sight.;-)

Whatever we do will better than our Silver last year. We spent IT painting a room in my parent's new home and going to the wake of a friend lost to cancer.

Dinner and a movie sounds lovely.


Jackie said...

So, will the movie be Johnny Depp and the Chocolate Factory? *grin*

Happy Anniversary!

Can't wait to see what semblance of order you make out of all those yarns...

Busybee said...

I envy you all those yarns and do dads! I have been working on a baby blanket (wonder why?). Being a Nana may not end up being the worst thing that has ever happened to me!

Nalani said...

Has said person received the shawl yet?

JoG said...

Haven't heard about this project for a while...
what is the status?