Tuesday, August 30, 2005


I am so grateful this morning that my folks moved back here last summer.
For the 7 years before that they had been living in Hattiesburg, MS.
My Grandmom lived in Gulfport and Biloxi...kept moving between the 2...so I am familiar with those towns as well. The only real beach that Alex has seen is the one at Biloxi. Seeing pictures of the devastation in those towns is tearing at my heart.

Praying for all of those touched by this disaster.......

On a more selfish note:
If we have to have a hurricane hit the US, and it has to move up through the center of the country, could it not at least continue on a course that would bring rain to that portion of a state that is in severe drought? We are watching the radar and almost physically willing it to come here, but it remains about 50 miles to the east and appears to be moving away, pouring precipitation on the small part of the state that Does Not Need It.
I believe it is taunting us.

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