Sunday, August 28, 2005

Hair today, there tomorrow

Apparently my hubby's mustache needed trimming.
I deduced this fact because the remains of said mustache were still in the sink when I went to take my shower.
Tiny little clipping of black hair, a few flecks of gray, all stuck around the bottom and edges of the sink. Yes, he brushed his teeth After grooming the Crumbcatcher. This means that water was run into the sink after the hairs arrived.
How hard would it have been to swish the water around and rinse the hair out? We even have a swivel faucet, it would do most of the work.

Why does he put the clean towels in a stack on top of the counter, rather than opening the cupboard door and plopping them in?

And how can he sit there and put a new roll of tp on the ledge by the toilet but not place it on the roller?
(I went in the bathroom one day and noticed that my 12 year son had replaced the roll. Upon thanking him for it he looked at me like I was nuts and said, "Well, it wasn't hard to do, Mom."


This is the man who thinks I don't need more yarn because "I already have some."
He does not even realize that ridiculous that sounds.

OK. I can reason out the towel thing. He is 6' 2" and I am 5'. Just 5'. No inches. So it is far easier for me to get the towels under the sink. And he does the laundry, just took it on when his schedule went to 24 / 48s.

I will never understand the hair and the tp.

But I am not going to stop buying yarn and things, and He will never understand That. I am sure that after 26 years I annoy him in many other ways as well.

So I change the tp. I wipe the sink with a small shake of my head. Then I say a Thank you for a hubby that will cook, do laundry, keep my car spotless, build a pond and a bird feeding station for our yard...and work his tail off to keep me in fiber, needles, and home to school our son.

Some things aren't such a big deal after all.

On the Knitting Front

I have the heel flaps done on both socks, will pick up stitches for the gussets and move on tomorrow. Started a pink preemie blanket in crochet for something mindless while watching Monk this afternoon and got half-way finished. I need to get cracking on the Project and finish it up but have gotten myself into a rut with it. I believe I will begin the sideways panels and then finish the one vertical edge later when it is time to connect them.

I have been having fun planning surprises for my Knitty SP. Sent a small Hello and am planning some themed packages for later. I am actually making notes. LOL!
Happy Fibering!


weaselrina said...

poking badgers with spoons..

do you also put babies on spikes?
I love Eddie Izzard!

Anyway your site looks great!

Jackie said...

Hans has the annoying habit of emptying his electric razor directly into the bathroom waste can. Makes a mess in the bottom of the can that I end up having to clean out. I feel your pain.