Tuesday, December 06, 2005


It is 5 frickin' degrees outside.




Windchill about 4 below 0.

Why do I not live somewhere farther south like, oh, the Carribean?

It is, of course, my morning to do the newspaper route. I am very grateful that I am no longer walking my porch delivery route and can now stay in my car with the heater blasting and stick papers in plastic tubes along the road. (Hey, Somebody has to do it.) Still, staying in my bed with the heating blanket on my toes would be even better.

Menopause is good for something - I am so hot most of the time that last winter was not too bad and I suspect the Big M will be just as helpful this year. My Mom can't believe I run around without a coat on...hmmm, maybe because my body temp is currently 135ºF? No, wait - it is a bit chilly. No.....hot again.

The Big Project is down to deciding borders and edgings. If I ever mention that I am going to use a novelty fiber again, please shoot me. I am going to have to post pics when it is done so the folks who contributed to it can see...but I am very afraid that it will end up on You Knit What? and I will not know whether to laugh or cry. Maybe both, at once.

My last Chair Project (those little things we knitters work on in our chairs in the evenings during TV, etc.) was my brother's birthday scarf...about 6 feet of 2x2 ribbing. I think my thumbs are staging a protest. Anyway, it is packed up and ready to go...good thing he lives in this state cuz his birthday is Saturday.

Current chair project is my first pair of mittens, done in Plymouth Encore so I can wash and dry them. I have nothing for my hands and as I mentioned earlier it is

5....frickin'.... degrees

and it is not even Officially winter yet.

I have some lovely Cascade Pastaza (sp??), wool and llama, that I will make a pair out of once I figure out the thumbs on the Encore.

2 1/2 hours until my alarm goes off. It is now 4 degrees outside.

I think I may wear a coat.


_Summer_ said...

After the holiday rush, I'd love to order a scarf from you.

Made entirely of the most excrutiatingly painstaking novelty fibres to be had in this hemisphere.


(I suppose you could use just regular old yarn. If you wanted.)

Jackie said...

Wimp. That's balmy! It was -7 when I dropped the kids at school today. *pokes out tongue*