Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Yes, yes I am.

This is the time of year that, even with meds, I have to really fight to stay on top of my depression. It just seems like such an effort to do ANYTHING that some things go by the wayside. The blog should be one of those things that I keep up with, though, since it keeps me connected to people.

*hand raised* I promise to do better, and to faithfully update my blog at least twice a week. ~grin~


The Guys are putting all the Xmas decorations outside. Enough lights go up to qualify us for an airport runway. They enjoy it, so that's ok.

Hubby has been working scads of overtime which means he has been gone for 36 hour stretches.

Alex has joined the Civil Air Patrol. He went on an overnight last weekend and earned the rank of Airman. He loves it. If he stays with it until he is 18 he will be able to go into the service as an E3.

He wants a rifle for Christmas.


Cass is talking about moving to Chicago with some friends this coming spring when his lease is up. J.'s uncle claims he can get them into the Fire Service. And that they can all live with him until they find jobs and apts. Uh huh.

I repotted my spath yesterday. It has grown from 3 tiny leaves stuck into a mixed planter over 10 years ago into a nice plant that has bloomed twice this year and needs a 10" pot. I'm so proud. ~grin~

Making a hat out of thin sock yarn on size 1 needles is a bad idea.

Well, off to..........do ..... something.


Busybee said...

What on earth is a spath? I am a pretty up to date person when it comes to plants but that is a new one on me.

Sorry about this time of year causing your depression. It has the opposite effect on me. I get very "nesty" and domestic in the fall, early winter. Later I just get ugly!

Keep in touch. I don't like it when you get so quiet...I worry! Hugs!

darbyrose said...

BB, I think a spath is also known as a peace lily? Maybe I can get a pic of it this week when I am taking some yarny photos.

Liz said...

Hey! Lookee there! You linked to me. I'm so flattered! Wow. A total stranger, linking to me.

OK. Now that I've gotten that out of my system, I just want to say that I totally hear ya on this time of year . . . the days getting shorter, the weather getting colder, the kids getting grumpier. Ugh. My response has been to call my doctor and titrate my meds a bit. It helped last year, and has REALLY helped this year -- I got on top of it earlier than last year.

Whoops. Did I just share too much? [actually, I probably wouldn't have a blog at all if I were a really private type of person, so perhaps 'too much' is relative anyway].

Nalani said...

I hear you too, Debi Darby. As you know Buddy is fighting the same thing.

(((((((((DEBI DARBY)))))))))

Hope all the bright Christmas lights will cheer you up. I don't put up anything outside anymore as it is just too much for me. But I love to look at what other people do.

Like Busybee said, I worry about you too when you get very quiet.

Deb said...

I get frisky when the cool weather comes in and I love the short days but the mid-November to the New Year days are very difficult for me. I need to send myself some perker upppers.


Louise said...

If you want to get perked up Deby why don't you answer my E mail and answer when I asked about Pat T's shawl --how you can put it aside and knit socks and purses and not finish what you started and asked your friends to join in with too is beyond me.

I thought you were a thoughtful person, careing etc all nice things -I was glad to know you through the Rounders but how you have treated this project leaves me wondering just what are you like.

When you start something -why not finish it? If you can't -then fess up and let all who contributed be told about it. Rounders are an understanding group of folkes and we won't hold it against you if you can't finish the job.

That could be why you are so depressed right now too--you really don't know how to handle the situation that you have created for yourself. Easy way out is to be up front about it.

Ok I hold no hard feelings - I am sorry you are depressed--I don't know what depression is really like -as I find happiness and beauty in every day - even with crummy things entering into some of my days. Sorry I cannot relate.

I'll get off my soap box now -and I will wonder if you even read this or just delete it.


Louise (Rounders)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Louise....that's really mean and low.

You say you "don't know what depression is really like"..... What a fortunate woman you are.