Tuesday, October 11, 2005


This is Bobbles.

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Say Hello, Bobbles!

Bobbles doesn't talk much. Bobbles just drapes itself across my craft counter.
Bobbles is pretty much a pain in the arse. Especially to knit. I discovered that knitting a bobble is not nearly as much fun as crocheting one. And I didn't even get to take Bobbles to the Guild's dishcloth exchange on Sunday.
I see a date with some hot soapy water in Bobbles future. Baaaaa!

I do have some good news....I am invited out tonight! To do things with other females!
Yes, I have made Real Life Friends at my Knitting group. Imagine that! 3 of us are going to Nancy's tonight to dye our Knitpicks yarn and just generally mess about. My childishly high level of excitement just shows how long it has been since I have done any socializing that wasn't church or kid related.

Is it 6 pm yet????


Nalani said...

Have fun tonight. It IS FUN to get together with other females. I miss our hunting trips when we used (with 3 or 4 other couples) go out in our RVs. The guys would go off hunting and us gals would sit around the camp fire and have a good old time. When the guys went out in the late afternoon and early evening, we sometimes got a bit snockered. Alas those days are gone as we have all gotten too old. But we still have our memories.

Aloha, Nalani!

PS, I love your bobbles!

Busybee said...

WEll, I'm sorry you had trouble with bobbles, even though I am green with envy about this knitting thing. I tried it once; it didn't work. A caster onner, I am not, but a stitch dropper I am!

I'm so glad you are socializing. It is hard on you when family is the only people in your life, no matter how much you love them!!

Have a hoot!

weaselrina said...

Bobbles is SOOOOOOO CUTE I'm sorry he wasn't friendly to knit!

Have fun with the knitting socializing.
I've yet to be brave enough to socialize around knitting (though I'd like to start going SOMEWHERE to knit with others), but I def. want to!

(weird because I'm not shy socially in any other context)

Have fun!

Becky said...

I can't believe we were knitting Bobbles at the same time and I just ran across your blog. How strange. Bobbles was not the meditative knitting I am used to, but it was interesting. Mine is posted today on my blog, since I was waiting for an exchange recipient to get it.

It's a nice choice for an exchange. :)

Becky http://www.moonfrog.com/blog/