Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Badger

Yes, the Badger is gone.

I have released him into the Wilds, although he refuses to go. He is hanging out back with the Hamster of Doom. I believe the Badger has agreed to be the Planner of Routes and will help organize the Coconut Bombings.

Best stay on his good side.

I will let him know who has asked after him. Weaselrina and Jackie will be happy to know that they are safe for the time being as I doubt he will send the Hamster their way.


weaselrina said...

Is the frog coming to take his place?

Inquirng weasels want to know

darbyrose said...

Oh, yes...there Will be a frog.


_Summer_ said...

That laugh sounded almost evil enough to complete with the Sheer Nastiness that is my eyebrows.

The world, it touches you young grasshopper.

Lisa said...

Well, there you are. What have I been missing out on then DarbyDoll?


My fear of badgers is legendary...I hope he doesn't make it anywhere near here....