Monday, August 22, 2005


There is a spider in the shower.

I saw him, up near the ceiling, just waiting for me.
He is not very large, and I would not have seen him had I not been scanning the walls and ceiling of the shower, but I always look because There Might Be A Spider.


Now I have to make a Decision. My choices are:
  1. Kill the spider
  2. Call for help from hubby or son
  3. Ignore the spider

Number 1 is not really an option because I am Vertically Challenged and the spider is Waaay Up there and might fall on my head, if I can even find something to whack him with. And it would have to be something disposable because once something has touched a spider it must be disposed of because it is now contaminated with Spider Cooties, or even worse, Spider Guts.

Number 2 isn't much better because being snickered at for the rest of the day is not a pleasant way to spend time. I might become irritated before they gave up their giggling and be forced to spit in their chili in silent and secret retaliation.

This leaves Number 3. Logic tells me that the spider will stay put because they are devious and clever creatures who, despite Having It In For Me, know that if the force of the water does not crush them or send them spiraling down the drain, then my Flailing Dance of Abject Terror will surely finish them off.

The spider is still there.

I knew they were smart.


_Summer_ said...


*taking notes*

"flailing dance of abject terror"

Perhaps that will work as a FBH BS deterrent. :)

_Summer_ said...

Forgot to say: glad you're blogging!

darbyrose said...

Thanks, Sum!
I added your blog to my page, do you mind?

_Summer_ said...

Nope, I don't mind. As long as you're comfortable with linking to my blog and its, um, language. It might offend.

darbyrose said...

I sort of skim pastthose words when I read it.


I suppose other people can do the same if it bothers them. Most are not as prudish as I. LOL!

Jackie said...

Dammit, Debi!

Just felt like saying that...Gotta work some language in here somehow! *evil grin*

What happened to your handy-dandy electrified bug raquet? I use mine all the time. I've even been swatting flies right outta the air with it lately. I know it'll knock off some little arachnid...

Donna said...

Oh my, but that is so cute!! Sorry to find pleasure in your torment. I'm not really an evil person! :-) Don't you know spiders are good because they eat the nasty bugs like roaches? :-)

darbyrose said...

Well, Donna, I shall just have to send all the spiders over to your house. *grin*
I followed you to your blog and I must say, your blue dishcloth is much nicer than mine. I see that I shall have to covet *your* cloth, and the blueberries. LOL

Jackie, quit swearing in my blog, you nasty girl. Go swear at Summer. She likes that sort of thing. ;-)

Jackie said...

Oooooooo! She called me *nasty*!!

*in a taunting voice* I know you can do better!

*pokes out tongue*