Tuesday, March 07, 2006

In my E-mail

"No more hopeless efforts to enlarge your p#n*s".

Thanks goodness. Because if I did have one I would certainly not be wanting to make it larger.

In a complete change of subject, I am going out to lunch today. To Olive Garden. I looove Olive Garden. And I am going with someone who isn't my Mom or my hubby. How different is that?

After lunch I am stopping by Knitwits to choose yarn for a project and hubby can't say a word because I am not paying for it, so there. Neener, neener, neener.
Mom wants a couple of tea cosies for a friend's birthday. One will be out of Paton's Merino. The other is for a tiny 2 cup pot and will be felted. My brilliant idea is to make a small version of the Bzzz hat in SnB Nation and felt it down before adding the bees. I will definitely be doing a test swatch first. So my mission for today, and I do choose to accept it because, Hey! Yarn shopping!, is to find a beehive colored feltable yarn. I am thinking Lamb's Pride or Cascade 220. Lopi is too fuzzy and who wants to shave a beehive?

The sun is shining today so I hope to get some pics taken. How many times have I said that recently? Let's not count.

And Jackie? I find an immature Malfoy to be a far more reasonable match for you than Dumbledore. Bwahahahahahaha!

Yeah, I'm so mature myself.


Becky said...

"shave a beehive" LOL That doesn't sound like a good idea! I was hoping to see pics of the dishcloths you've made -- since I don't have any of my own. :( I hope you find the tulle. I got a real kick out of the matching colors.

I think a basic cable hat for Caps for a Cure would be great.

Happy Knitting (and eating!)

Penny Karma said...

Don't you get a kick out of the spam e-mail subject lines? I've kept track of some of my favorites, but I'll spare you.