Sunday, September 11, 2005

Has it been that long???

I cannot believe it has been a whole week since I wrote anything here. Talk about neglect. Poor blog!

This was Start School Week, although not a full schedule for us. THAT starts in the morning, and oh what fun that will be.

Yes, as in all those homeschool families one reads about in books, my son will pop out of bed early and cheerfully. He will do many chores and even begin his work without prompting from either his father or myself. In fact, he will do extra math problems, just because he knows how important math skills are to any future career. He will write a thesis worthy of any doctoral dissertation, and then he will go sing songs with seniors at the local rest home before giving sponge baths to the homeless.

Yes, and monkeys will fly out of..........

I think the women who wrote those books LIED. Outright. Bold-faced.
Or else they have strangely abnormal children.

Our days have never been, and probably will never be, like the ones I have read about it. I have decided that this is OK. I am very glad to have Alex home, to be the one in charge of his education. I am glad to have this time with him, because no matter how endless it seems when a child is little and you have little or no contact with adults outside of Walmart checkers, it really is a very short time...and then they are gone.

We get one chance, folks.
Make it count.


Jackie said...

For Son to pop out of bed cheerfully, Mom must, too! *wink*

darbyrose said...

Yeah, like *that's* going to!