Saturday, August 20, 2005

It takes 3 weeks

They say it takes 3 weeks for a habit to be ingrained. Who 'they' are, I have no idea, but I am going to make a concerted effort to post every day in an attempt to creat said habit. I did warn y'all that I blither....uncontrollably, in fact, so it is no one's fault but your own if you choose to pay attention to me. *grin!*

Today my parents took my number 2 son, Alex, and myself out to lunch and to New Salem State Park. For those not in central Illinois, this is where Lincoln lived for 6 of his early years and is restored to how it was in his day.
Today they had interpreters acting out the lives of women who lived there...much weaving, spinning, dying, and knitting going on. I actually remembered to take my camera - I will try to download them tomorrow and post them if they are clear enough.

The Secret Pal 5 has started at Knitty...I am so excited to be a part of this one! I just love buying and making things for people and have already begun putting things aside for a package. What fun!

My hubby, Billy, is working his 24 hour shift until 7 Sunday morning, which means I am delivering the Sunday papers this week. I am less than fond of delivering the Sundays and am very grateful that it only happens every 3 weeks.

For any Rounders reading, I will post Project Progress, with pictures, within 2 days.

Such an exciting post....yawn! Perhaps I can market it as a cure for insomnia?

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Jackie said...

Perhaps 'they' are the same people who say if you hear something 17 times, you think it's true. *wink*